The Situation

  • The Dr Oz Show, a Sony Pictures production, was renewed by Fox for the 2016 Fall season, and wanted to promote tune-in for the new season
  • Sony initiated a broad scale national tune-in campaign, with a substantial  portion of the budget allocated to outdoor advertising
  • The campaign had a heavy geographic focus – to hit dense metro areas, and markets with a heavy concentration of advertising media agencies

The Program

  • Hudson ran billboards on the sides of over 100 of our trucks
  • Campaign focussed on the New York and Philadelphia markets
  • Ads ran for 90 days, leading up to the premier episode launch

Big, brilliant, and hyper-targeted tune-in Truckside advertising with Hudson LMS allowed the Dr. Oz Show to generate awareness for the new season, and heavily penetrate the New York City market – where advertising media buying decisions are made. 


  • The Dr. Oz Show opened the new season up in ratings.
  • The media buying community took notice of the unique execution, particularly in New York City

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