Navajo Incorporated

The Situation

  • After an audit at Walmart stores, it was determined many  of the Navajo branded sunglasses were either out of stock, or poorly placed on the existing 6’ center store spinners
  • It was believe merchandising touches and better replenishment practices would lift sales
  • Navajo did not have internal staff to facilitate a consistent merchandising effort at scale.
  • Larger third party in-store services providers were pricey appeared not to be focused on their business.

The Program

  • Hudson designed a merchandising continuity program to service the 250 Walmarts in the North East, where Navajo’s sunglasses were sold
  • Replenishment product as shipped and then stored to a Hudson designated area in the ‘back room’
  • Hudson’s experienced merchandisers were in-store every week, loading in product and arranging

The team at Hudson has been terrific. We are thrilled with the sales lift attributable to this program, in fact, we are broadening our business relationship with Hudson as a result. – Jon Visser, Senior Vice President, Sales, Navajo Incorporated.


  • Navajo saw an immediate spike in sales
  • The marketing and sales teams at Navajo had a much more granular view into localized SKU sell through activity, informing future localized inventory line ups

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