The Situation

  • Old Trapper has seen rapid growth and expansion of both it’s distribution and sales
  • Sales velocity at retail had begun to outpace current DSD and merchandising schedule
  • The five high-volume SKUs needed more consistent distribution and regular in-store support

The Program

  • Hudson LMS worked with Old Trapper to build out an end-to-end plan to improve on DSD and in-store service
  • The Program was initially created to serve Safeway stores
  • Hudson LMS deployed end-to-end services, from warehouse to store shelf
  • Program elements included warehousing, writing orders, delivering product, rotating product, replenishment, placing signage/displays, audits/reporting

As our brands have exploded, we knew we were stressing our existing DSD and in-store services model.  The Hudosn LMS footprint, capabilities and execution has proven to be the winning answer for us. – Jerry Cutright, Regional Sales Manager, Old Trapper


  • Out-of-stock issues disappeared – pegs were full of product, documented by our audits
  • Sales velocity increased dramatically
  • The new process reduced re-order and logistics issues for Old Trapper, resulting in less man-hours associated with managing the process at Safeway
  • The successful test has led to a plan to expand the model to more Safeway stores and to other retailers

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