Hudson LMS enables Consumer Products Companies and Manufactures to maintain better control during the chain of custody processes; from the warehouse to the store shelf.  We are unique in our approach of combining Warehousing, Direct Store Delivery (DSD), and a full set of In-Store services, which protects your brands through the ‘last mile’.

The Hudson LMS “Triple Play”

This “Triple Play” of Warehousing/DSD/In-store Marketing and Merchandising services is designed to ‘turn-key’ the full supply chain process.  Our in-store field teams are fully coordinated with deliveries – arriving within hours of delivery, to assure timely pack-out, set up, merchandising, and/or to execute any other in-store requirements.

Hudson LMS works across most any class of trade, from Mass to Convenience.  In addition, our lead times are short.  If required, our programs can be turned around in as less than two weeks.

I must admit that sometimes I find myself in awe as I read resume’s and personal statements

Why Brands Work With, And Trust Hudson LMS

• We assure your customers get what they need, when they need it

• Nearly 100 years of experience working at retail

• We are DSD experts

• We are in-store every week

• Systematically serve the most difficult markets up and down the Eastern Seaboard

• Our deliveries are synced with our field team within hours of delivery

• We provide a multitude of in-store marketing and merchandising services

• Our schedule management, time/attendance/payroll compliance, real-time reporting and audit systems are state of the art – through our Every Store Perfect (ESP)  mobile technology

• We can provide solutions through our partner companies for needs outside of our territory, seamlessly

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