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Retailers Trust Hudson LMS

Hudson LMS is called upon for its service by 15,000 retailers, spanning the Eastern Seaboard from Maine, down to Virginia.  We cut across almost every class of trade, specializing in Grocery, Drug, Mass and Independents.

Every week our retail partners experience our professionalized service.  We are there weekly, if not more.  Over the decades, our performance has earned us the status of a ‘trusted partner’.

Not only does our trained, results-driven, team of 1,600 in-store certified service professionals aim for excellence at every retail touch, they are continuously searching to innovate – to find a better, more profitable way to serve our retail partners.

Our bottoms-up process coverts store-level data into business intelligence, which we utilize to create retailer-specific (often revenue generating) programs that tap into our full suite of offerings, from DSD delivery support, to incremental in-store services, to customized promotions, marketing and/or advertising programs – all designed to accelerate sales velocity.


Our In-Store Services

• Dedicated, full Account Management

• Expert front-end turn-key programs; merchandising, inventory re-stocking, surveys

• Co-branded promotions (with magazines and other brands/products)

• Place and maintain promotional displays

• Point-of-sale placement and advertising signage

• In-line, center store customized continuity or surge work

• Pack-out, stock shelves, OOS reporting

• Inventory reorder and replenishment

• Audits, surveys and “real-time” data collection, including photos

Our Unique Capabilities and Approach

• Full suite of logistics services, including; Warehousing, DSD, Pick-and-Pack. Storage, Replenishment, Reverse Logistics

• Synced end-to-end support through the ‘last mile’ – from the warehouse to the store shelf

• Vast network of partners to help at every level; In-Store services, Marketing and Merchandising

• We think about your business needs, not just your service needs – helping sales and partnering on new revenue generating opportunities

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