Food Brokers

Food Broker partners call us when they see a competitive advantage in aligning a warehousing, DSD and in-store services component to their retail sell-in process.  Whether their clients are conflicted out of traditional 3PL choices, are having difficulty stitching together multiple regional distributors and/or LTL options, or drop shipping is not optimal, Hudson LMS becomes an attractive, and cost effective answer. AND, none of the traditional distributors come with a ready-made, in-store merchandising and services component that syncs with the delivery schedule.  A true win-win-win all the way around.

Marketing Services Companies/Agencies

We partner with a variety of Marketing Services Agencies, including; in-store merchandising companies, shopper marketing agencies, placed-based event/marketing firms, signage/display companies, and others.

We have quickly earned the reputation as a trusted resource to support their efforts across every class of trade.  Many service provider partners now consider Hudson LMS the go-to resource to help execute at retail – with their DSD, in-store set-up/merchandising, or replenishment needs.

Private Equity

PE firms like our ability to take costs out of the operating model for their portfolio companies.  Specifically, we work with PE owned assets that carry significant delivery/shipment costs against their P&L.  If the investing philosophies of these firms dictate owning an asset on a longer term basis, and top line growth is critical, we offer cost-effective in-store services that has a measurable and positive impact on product sell-through velocity.

Ultimately, we offer cost effectiveness and efficiency optionality that has a direct and positive impact for the future exit.

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